Oz post 4 – 21st September 07.08


Oz post 4 – 21st September 07.08

Well I made it, I’m here!! Survived an oddly tearful goodbye with my mum (on my part, and quite unexpected I must say! I think it finally hit me that I was going and all my excitement and anxieties caught up with me and I realised this trip is a pretty big deal!) and survived my 23hour trip, despite my appalling geography (you know what I’m talking about mum!!) Sat next to a lovely retired couple on the leg from London to Bangkok (in Thailand in case anyone is wondering!!) who were on their way to visit their daughter in Sydney who never came home after travelling here 15 years ago! I don’t think I’m quite that brave or could stay without any planning, but it’s definitely doable, and at this stage a more appealing prospect than working for the nhs for the next 40 years??! Especially since I’ve been told pretty much to not expect the pension that’s been keeping me committed to them so far. But anyway, I digress…

3 hours in Bangkok then back on the plane. The view flying in was great, saw some temples and the fabulous colours of the house roofs. But the view as we took off again was mind blowing. The most incredible sunset I have ever seen, with the twinkling lights of Bangkok shimmering into the night. The photos just didn’t do it justice. The sunrise over Sydney that I awoke to was pretty damn impressive too as I caught glimpses of rugged coastline and crashing waves. And now on my way to my first stop, simone’s – with a taxi driver who seems to know less where he’s going than I do!! 

Signing out for now, xx

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