Oz post 6 – 21st September 18.29


Oz post 6 – 21st September 18.29

Well what a first day! I’m absolutely shattered but won’t let the jet lag beat me!

Just walked through the door after walking walking and more walking! Went to the opera house today and took about a gazillion photos :-) then did the essential opera house tour then wandered around the botanical gardens (beautiful) then strolled around the rocks area of the city. The most historical part of the city, with the oldest pub being very proud of their heritage since 18 something, hehe!! Now settling down to watch neighbours (is it really sad that I’ve always wanted to do this! Does seem to be a wee bit ahead of the uk though) having a cup if tea and mustering some energy to go and meet Simone for some dinner out, lovely (if not feeling lively!) 

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