Oz post 7 – 22nd September 12.59


Oz post 7 – 22nd September 12.59

Weirdly I don’t feel that far from home. The approach to circular quay is very reminiscent of canary wharf area in London, half of the place names are the same as London – hyde park, paddington, Oxford street etc! I don’t know whether it’s that the journey here wasn’t too horrendous for me (though I’ve been fighting a sore throat and runny nose since I got here, lovely aeroplane recycled air) and as I slept most of the way and found the distance count down too surreal for it to sink in, it doesn’t feel like I’m on the other side of the world. It helps that everything’s in English, the tv shows are the same (neighbours baby!!) there are many overlapping brands and adverts are the same, just with Australian accents dubbed over dodgy European adverts rather than English accents dubbed over them.¬†

I went to the museum of Sydney today, and I guess I can see why it doesn’t feel so far away as the English helped to ¬†dramatically shape the current Sydney. I was left with an overwhelming feeling of sadness though, for the indiginios people of this area, how they were treated then, and how their presence in this current city is marginalised and largely invisible (except artwork in tourist shops and didgeridoo players at circular quay – later a visit to the art gallery of new south Wales to see more on the history and culture of the aboriginal population). I was also left with a deep shame about my English heritage and our country’s back drop of colonies and invasion. Not cool.¬†

From the beginning of this trip the cogs have been whirring about whether moving from the uk to far more exciting climbs would be possible. In many ways yes, Sydney ticks lots of boxes. It’s a lovely, thriving, multicultural, interesting and clean city. If I was up for city living it would be far preferable to London any day!! But it is a new city, and the history London has is immense. I couldn’t help but feel I too was invading some sacred land that does not belong to us and by making it my own would further take it away from the people and history is rightly belongs to.¬†

But enough of this debate for now, a wonderful upside of this city is sitting in the sunshine, people watching on the ‘historic’ part of the city with a real fusion of culture, not least in the choices in front of me for lunch. Subway, wok on inn, or sushi. Hmm let me think…subway it is….not!! Duh it’s gotta be sushi, mmmmm :-)

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