Oz post 8 – 22nd September 17.55


Oz post 8 – 22nd September 17.55

Jetlag 1: Eleanor 0.

After lunch I took a stroll around the base of the harbour bridge (yet more photos I’m afraid!) then back along the harbour towards circular quay, but cut up to the rocks again for the next stage of my culture marathon! Quick stroll round ken done’s gallery (iconic Sydney artist with very striking, contemporary – though some may say childlike- takes in the Sydney landscape. I particularly like his opera house paintings done on black. Then a stroll around an art gallery/shop of purely aboriginal art, which provided a nice juxtaposition. I think some of the art is absolutely mesmerising. Not duh a fan of the more touristy stuff (bugs painted on boomerangs and rocks-I think it loses some of the meaning that way. But there were some giant canvases with amazing colours and textures and beautiful in their simplicity built up of dots in repeating geometric shapes. There was also a hand painted chair with the most precise of details and was beautiful unfortunately I don’t have a spare $2500 AUD, so Charlie it’s a project for us to recreate next time we go to tunbridge wells!! 

Then onto the Sydney rocks discovery museum for more on the history of the most historical area of ‘new’ Sydney. More stories about the invasion of the indigenous way of life by the wonderful Brits, complete with kidnapping and small pox epidemics brought upon them. Nonetheless another very interesting, albeit sobering look at sydney’s history. Then another wander, this time to the museum if contemporary art, with a fantastic exhibition of young Australian artists and another interesting look at the ‘piracy’ of the invaders to aboriginal life. However by now I’m feeling pretty damn dead on my legs and feared that I would fall asleep in a quiet corner of the gallery, jet lag definitely taking over! So deciding I needed some caffeine and remembering simone’s wise words of free wifi at…wait for it…mcdonalds! Onwards I went, not satisfied with the caffeine hit I opted for a hit fudge sundae for a sugar fix too. Naughty but vey vey nice! Quick check of emails and facebook proved that the world carries on without me (but glad I haven’t missed anything too exciting!) Grand master plan was to finally upload some blog posts (hurrah!) but I’ve forgotten to how to log in haven’t I (boooo!) so until another day folks…

Still feeling ready to slump over my table at maccy d’s obviously the best thing for me to do was walk across town to the late night opening of the art gallery of NSW (a bit if a ploy to keep me from going back to simone’s and straight to sleep). However, despite needing a few sit downs along the way I really enjoyed it. Another inspiring collection of aboriginal artwork and art from more modern Australian artists. The best bit has to be stumbling across the cafe for a yummy dinner and glass of red whilst watching a jazz trio perform (well a jazz trio of sorts- an accordion certainly isn’t a typical addition!). So now at half 8, screw you jet lag! I make it 1-1 now! :-p

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