Pre Oz post 2 – 3rd September 2010

Pre Oz post 2 – 3rd September 2010

Just over 2 weeks to go… I’m getting ridiculously excited now but a definite amount of nervousness is creeping in too. I have still only finalised the flights, and am waiting back to hear from a company about if they’ve got space on a surf tour before I can book that and confirm my dates in other places. Maybe I should chase it up!! I will feel better once it’s all booked and sorted, but I guess the flights are the main thing and I can always make my way up from Sydney to cairns any which way, I mean other people do the completely spontaneous backpacker thing don’t they, so why can’t I?! (hmm perhaps my slight OCD and anally retentive need for planning things to a tee?! In the sentiment of Monica from friends “we are having fun, it’s organised fun”!!)

Anyway I digress…(I think there will be a lot of that happening on this here travel blog over the coming weeks, but please do persevere) I’m also getting a wee bit nervous about certain wildlife species that I may (but realistically probably won’t) come into contact with over there. Ok maybe wee bit nervous is understating the state of things somewhat! I am pretty much bricking it! I have been hammering the gym, not for the bikini bod that I probably should be working on seeing as I’m going to be in a swim suit for near on a month! But because I want to be able to out swim a shark and out run a tarantula!!! So far it’s not looking completely possible. So the next step is doing some good old CBT on myself to help quell some of my irrational fears. Never seems to work quite so well when you do it in yourself though. Perhaps I should treat the whole trip as a bit of a flooding experience – I mean when I come back I shouldn’t really be scared of a few house spiders should I?! (though I am convinced that i will be coming back to a house overrun with them, as October is the time they tend to come inside out of the cold) anyone want to volunteer to come make my flat spider free before I return???!!! Pretty pleeeeease??!!! Anyway, more pressing is my concern about the Ozzie spiders and other such terrifying creatures as snakes, jellyfish, stingrays, scorpions and stonefish. I already shake out my shoes in England before I put them on (following a rather horrible experience with a spider in my shoe when I was a kid, which still makes my toes curl up in horror to this day, so what chance do I have of staying cool, calm and collected in oz?!! Have been freaking myself out reading about beach safety and creepy crawlies to be aware of and of course stories of the recent shark attack there. Not sensible Eleanor. :-s

Another worry playing on my mind is the hope that I’m not stuck next to someone on the plane who could potentially make 23 hours of my life miserable. So fingers crossed for someone nice, interesting and not at all smelly or pervy! Is that asking too much?!

Well enough of my fears, onto what I’m excited about… :-) SURFING A-U-S baby!!! 

I went to the coast of north Wales at the weekend with some friends, for a spot of camping and to try my hand at surfing. I’m sure the waters were a far cry from the waters in oz, but when you’re wrapped up in a 5mm wetsuit and booties it felt lovely! (I also didn’t have poisonous jellyfish or sharks to contend with, bonus!) It was hard work and I was pretty crap but I bloody loved it! It was so much fun, and the thrill you get when you catch a wave and zip into shore was great (even if it was on my belly or a very wobbled attempt at standing!) The whole weekend was fab, and I also got the chance to test out my new and very exciting (to a photography geek like me) waterproof camera – did get some VERY strange looks I must say, but fairly pleased with some of the results.

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