Pre Oz post 3 – Monday 13th September 1.02am


Pre Oz post 3 – Monday 13th September 1.02am

Well a week today and I’ll be on the plane. Hopefully sleeping, not stranded at heathrow airport due to ba strikes or nursing a hangover or too excited watching movie after movie in my little personal, fold out movie theatre! Sleeping…much like I should be doing now :-s 

It’s been a fab weekend but I realised the first chance I have had to stop in weeks was at the spa for Lizzie’s hen do. It was amazingly relaxing and wonderful, and the first chance I’ve had to sit, even without my phone or Internet for a long time, so could completely leave all my worries and massive to do list behind. I’ve realised that the next chance I’ll have to do that is on the plane! Which is a bit scary as it means this week is going to be manic, but also very pressured because when I’m on that plane I will have had to have done everything I should have, to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip, but also to have lived up to my bridesmaid responsibilities the day before. So a good start would probably be to get some sleep but I have definitely reaffirmed my status as an avoider recently, even to the extent that I avoid going to sleep so I can put off the inevitable waking up and pile of things I must do but find increasingly harder to tackle. It’s a pattern. I’m aware of it. I am ambivalent about changing it. Oh if only cbt worked on myself…or at all…!!! (only joking!!) 


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