Oz post 10 – 23rd September 19.17


Oz post 10 – 23rd September 19.17

Well the zoo certainly cured any phobia of birds that may have been developing due to the flooding I experienced! (I.e. There were lots of them!) Funnily enough none of them tried to attack me though! It was an amazing location, built into a hill on the coast, with fantastic views of the harbour. Was strange seeing the harbour bridge behind the giraffes and skyscrapers by the mountain goats though. I enjoyed seeing the Australian wildlife, particularly walking through the open kangaroo and wallaby section, so close and so cute! I’ve decided I would quite like a wallaby as a pet! Don’t think it’s going to happen though, we can’t have a repeat of the Chick Chick incident now can we?! (If you don’t know that story then ask!) 

I also faced some of my fears and looked at some spiders (yuck!!) albeit through the corner of my eye! Including the poisonous red back (ok need to stop writing about them now, am already sensing hyper-vigilant paranoia kick in as I start scanning the shadowy corners of my peripheral vision!) Also saw the fierce snake, the most poisonous land snake based here in Australia of course! Not quite so tempting to move here with all that to contend with! How’s new Zealand on the poisonous reptiles/Arachnid stakes??! 

Now enjoying a nice glass of Ross hill Sauvignon blanc from NSW and the largest portion of tapas I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating, at a fabulous 3rd storey bar overlooking the harbour nightscape, complete with pianist and singer. I feel decidedly underdressed and must admit this is not the experience of most backpackers! (thank you for enabling me a few small luxuries grandma!) After a little more working my way through this tapas mountain it’s off to the opera house (not for opera, I’m not that sophisticated darrrling!) to see Asphalte, an urban dance show as part of the spring dance festival. Hopefully won’t be too underdressed for that, doubt it somehow! 

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  1. Nick says:

    Nothing poisonous in NZ if you exclude humans

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