Oz post 11 – 24th September 10.48


Oz post 11 – 24th September 10.48

Jet lag 2: Eleanor 1

Well so much for my early start this morning. Combo of a late night due to the show at the opera house then chatting to Simone about Australian football over a glass of NSW Shiraz (very nice I have to say – the wine not the football talk!). She also informed me that magpie ’swooping’ is a common thing during nesting season, so much so that some children wear plastic buckets on their heads in the school playground for protection!! On the shopping list for me?! At least I don’t feel so singled out and paranoid now – it’s not paranoia if they’re really after you! 

Anyway I digress, I was explaining my lack of an early start. So after a latish night I then woke up in the middle of the night no longer tired and really struggled to get back to sleep. 

So here I am now, sat waiting for my train to depart for the blue mountains. As it’s now nearly 11 I won’t get there till 1 which doesn’t exactly leave me much time for exploring. But hey ho, at least I’ll get to see some of it. I also didn’t really plan my entertainment for the journeys! A half charged iPhone, leaflets on my destination and my Sydney guide – not much use now I only have 2 days left. Booooo! I’ve really enjoyed my time here, and hope to come back again someday. Still a few more things on my list of things to do this time though, like having a seafood platter, mmmmm!! So tomorrow’s Coastal walk along bondi with Simone then visit to bill granger’s restaurant should help me tick that off quite nicely :-)  

I am looking forward to the rest of my trip and already sad about my depleting number of days here. That’s the trouble with having a very specific 25 days here, I now only have a very specific 21 and a half days left. And that sucks!! 

The dance show last night was great, though yet again that pesky jet lag meant I was struggling to keep my eyes open at times. Very uncouth. And as a purely visual piece a bit of a shame to be missing it! But I powered through the jet lag, and very glad I did. The finale was awesome. The whole piece was danced in front of a massive lightbox, which was different colours during the show, and when only lit from behind the dancers were silhouettes against the background, very cool. Especially with the urban/break dance positions being held against the light. The finale was strobe lit and each time the lights came on a different dancer had jumped into a position in front of the light box and when the lights came on behind them for a split second their position was frozen in mid air. Looked wicked!! Something I have tried to emulate in photos (Hannah, Anna and Vicki will remember me getting them to jump in stupid positions while we were in Wales on the edge of a cliff with the evening sky lit up behind them making their figures silhouettes against the sky. There may have even been a few YMCA positions, oh dear!!) 

Right, signing out so I can enjoy the journey and not get too travel sick :-s Loving the double decker trains for the views by the way, and the ingenious seats with moveable back rests so you can sit either forwards or back. Clever Aussies!

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