Oz post 13 – 24th September 19.07


Oz post 13 – 24th September 19.07

Phew what a day! My ears finally unpopped, but have popped again as I write this on my train home. I have well and truly broken in my walking shoes – lots and lots of walking today, not particularly off the beaten track, but very enjoyable nonetheless. If I’d had more time and a walking buddy I’d have done things very differently. I wouldn’t have bothered with ’scenic world’ – who would have thought you could make so much money out of a natural wonder?! A mountain and forest range of (mostly) untouched beauty, the size of northern Ireland (or the state of Colorado for the Americans among you) or was that north island??! (as in NZ) Who knows, it was pretty darn big! But I ended up in the most touristy of tourist traps. Don’t get me wrong I had a great time and it was really the only thing I could do with the limits of time and me being sensible enough to not go out walking into the bush completely on my own! Got some (ok lots more than some) photos and the views were breathtakingly spectacular. I saw katoomba falls from a skyride cablecar, I walked to the 3 sisters rock formations (important aboriginal landmark), gazed at the forest below and the mountains in the distance, wandered to the katoomba cascades through shady fern glades, caught the steepest railway down to the forest floor, wandered around through the trees and caught a cable car back up from the valley. Not bad, not bad at all. Then quick walks around katoomba and leura before getting the train home, late enough to see the blue mountains (called that because of the eucalyptus particles in the air causing a blue tinge) turn a hazy pink as the sun began to set. Lovely. Saw some really cute little houses and even wandered past a real estate agent with houses ranging from $385k aud to $3.6m aud. Nice, but there were also lots of run down and sad looking houses with flaking paintwork and falling down shutters on my walk between katoomba and leura, so I wasn’t left with an overwhelming sense of the towns being that great places to live- just fabulous location for scenery. But only 2 hours from Sydney gives a great little weekend escape! 

Next time I would take a friend and a picnic, lots of water and lots of space on my camera’s memory card and do a long walk (there are lots of trail routes to follow) but perhaps including more of the prince Henry cliff walk, the giant stairway (down to the 3 sisters) and the federal path. I’d also spend some time at wentworth falls and do the walk to kings tableland from there. Also going further into the blue mountains national park, perhaps to mount Victoria, the grose valley and govetts leap and mount tomah botanic gardens. Hiring a car would be a good way to do it. But alas, it will have to be another time for me!!

So back to Sydney, quick change and slap of makeup on the train before Friday night drinks at crow’s nest with Simone and the gang. It’s great to be able to spend some time with some real sydneysiders! 

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