Oz post 16 – 27th September 12.22


Oz post 16 – 27th September 12.22

Manly was absolutely heaving with people yesterday so after meeting Simone we quickly made our way round the Coastal path to shelly beach. Much quieter and more chilled it was a lovely place to sit in the afternoon sun chilling out and watching the world go by. After a little while basking in the cooling sunshine we both had the same thought, Sunday afternoon drinks! So we head back to manly and sat in a great little bar called manly wine. Jug of pimms for $15aud and my goodness it was the nicest pimms I’ve ever tasted! Not just tasting sweeter because of my view across the beach into the beautiful blue ocean. Amazingly friendly staff helped, a chance to read the Sunday papers and swop horoscopes with Simone (apparently I have to watch out for the ‘happiness police’ who don’t think I have a reason to be as happy as I am – well look at my passport and ticket I would say, I’m in Australia and that’s big reason enough for me!) We were also sat next to some Aussie TV stars (I only found this out afterwards when Simone told me) ‘the hit guy from dancing with the stars who took his top off’ apparently. Hot anyway, but 2 guys that hit out for drinks together, well I just assumed they were a couple! According to Simone I can probably use this to make the girls in Brisbane jealous! 

After our pimms we decided to grab some dinner and I really wanted to go to a seafood restaurant, well I was by the beach in Sydney so it really had to be done! So Simone led me to garfish, a great little Sydney based chain. I had a glass of White from the hunter valley (NSW) we shared a starter of courgette flower tempura stuffed with prawns and scallops (oh my god it was soooo good!) then I chose to have a mirror dory (NSW) grilled with puy lentils, pumpkin and fish roe butter. It’s a great menu – you choose which fish you want, how you want it cooked and what you want it served with. Very happy with my choice! And it was an easy choice because I wanted to have food as locally sourced as possible. Then we shared a Belgian waffle tasting plate, uh huh it is as good and decadent as it sounds. One rocky road with chocolate and marshmallow ice cream with peanut caramel (yum) one with honey ice-cream and flaked almonds (yum yum) and one with pistachio ice cream and cinnamon (yum yum yum yum yum!!) 

Then home via the supermarket where I marvelled at the differences in produce – amazing looking seafood and meat, not that impressed by the range of fruit (but apparently that’s because there is an amazing green grocers across the road and simone’s recommended I go to the green garage in Byron bay which is a green grocers come cafe come juice bar which is fruit bat heaven!!) I bought myself a cadbury’s chocolate we don’t get in England with cherries and coconut. Sounds amazing, and will post the verdict once I’ve treated myself to opening it. Oh and a koala chocolate (think freddo caramel chocolate frogs but koala shaped and twice the size!) At this rate my surfboard will snap under my weight, hehe!!

So an early night after packing up my case ready for an early start this morning. Quick goodbye to a tired looking Simone and a ride on the ferry to wave goodbye to the opera house and harbour bridge I made my way to central station to meet the big yellow surfaris bus for 7.30am, reading and rearing (despite my lack of tea – god I’m so English!) for my next adventure :-)  

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