Oz post 17 – 29th September 14.08


Oz post 17 – 29th September 14.08

So it’s been a couple of days since I wrote anything. It was only a matter of time before I dropped off the ball with this blogging malarky and to be honest I lasted a lot longer than I thought I would! But after Sydney where I found time to write when I sat on a ferry or in a cafe or in the botanical gardens I have now been surrounded by people in my surf tour and when we’ve not been surfing or eating I’ve been totally chilling – my arms practically too sore to type! 

This tour has been awesome, so much so that I have decided to add on an extra day and forgo an extra day in byron bay. It’s a really nice atmosphere here and a chance to spend some time with the same people. There is Wendy from holland who came travelling and stayed in Sydney for 2 years, Amelie from Ottawa who is doing some travelling after uni, Katie a police officer from rugby who works in Coventry of all places! Ella also from the uk (London) who is doing some travelling after doing a diploma, Martin from Switzerland who now lives in Melbourne and works as a dairy farmer (!) Michael from Hungary who has lived in Sydney for 20 or so years and brought his 2 vey sweet mannered and polite daughters, and Jamal, originally from Lebanon who has lived in sydney for 20 or so years too and never looked back, who came with a gaggle of girls in the form of his youngest daughter and older daughter and a group of her teenage friends. Then there’s davey the die hard super surfer who grew up in Sydney and hates the place, who has done some travelling over the past few years but found his haven here at surfaris central, teaching and accompanying Ross on the Sydney and Byron road trips. Ross is the quintessential older surfer dude who runs this place with his wife shelly (who is far more into boogie boarding than surfing, but isn’t allowed to do it because it’s just not cool!). Shelly runs the admin side and cooks us the most amazing food when we’re back from a hard trip surfing. And there’s also lester who owns the place but has pretty much left us to it, and a ‘woofer’ (that’s a help-xer to us Europeans, or in plain language someone who works for free board and rent) from Berlin who is here at the beginning of some travelling and time in Sydney. Oh and there’s Bruce the cat (so cute and loveable and quite the attention whore!) and a very cute, good tempered dog (mastif cross??!) whose name I can’t remember! So that’s our little family set up here at surfaris central, based just outside a little surfing town called crescent head, half way between Sydney and Byron bay. The hostel backs onto the bush and across the road is the beach. I’m sat here in the garden, having lazed in the hammock among the palm trees, watching the volleyball game happening in the background and the kids playing in the pool. Jolly nice and relaxing I must say! Ive had a good dose of vitamin D and lots of healthy food this week so I’m feeling pretty good.

Well thats all very well you may say, sounds idyllic and totally chilled out, but what about the surfing?! Isn’t that why you’re here?! Well, that has been great. I’m still as rubbish as I was back in north Wales, but still loving the whole tying part!! We got here Monday afternoon, after a 5 hour drive from Sydney (stopping at a roadside cafe for lunch shaped like ayers rock!), got changed and head straight out to the beach at crescent head, at the border of the hat head national park. Well it was magnificent. Miles of golden sand and not another person in sight. Quite the contrast to bondi and manly where I was only the days before. So into the water we went. Good waves for us beginners, not completely destroying us but powerful enough for me to catch a few good uns, even managing to stand up (occasionally and not consistently!!) As the sun began to lower and the sky pinken, it was time to head back before dark. Home, quick shower and within half an hour dinner was on the table, thank you shelly!! Burritos mmmm it’s like she could read my mind! :-) So after stuffing ourselves with as many burritos we could manage (after a hard afternoon’s surfing that was a fair few!) washed down with a couple of beers and sitting around the camp fire it hit 8pm and it was pretty much time for bed! I know that’s 8pm not up all night till 8am! No party animals here! Well we were having to get up at 5.30am! The early bird catches the best wave and all that. 

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