Oz post 19 – 30th September 22.09


Oh dear. I don’t think Byron is the place for me. After getting off the train at the end of the line in a place called casino I waited for my coach connection to Byron. There were some interesting characters around (a guy on the train was in real distress going up and down the carriage with reflective sunglasses on, couldn’t or wouldn’t speak, he wrote on a piece of card to me ‘can you see the red laser on top of that door?’ I was bewildered at first, but kind of hope he was doing some cbt homework, by getting other people to help him reality check his delusional belief/paranoid thought. Let’s hope he succeeded eh? Then there was the reeeeally tall guy on the train who roamed the aisles most of the journey- I guess he needed to stretch his long legs (but I have to say the seats were amazingly spacious and comfy, they reclined and were more like business class space wise than economy. Virgin trains you could pick up a few things methinks.) he seemed like a bit of an old hippy, perhaps too many drugs in his hay day to be completely with it now. 

However, my bus seemed to be full of old gentlemen and ladies on their way up to surfer’s paradise for the long weekend. It felt more like I was embarking on a saga holiday than trip to party central Byron bay! However I ended up sitting next to a young man from San Diego called Edgar and we passed the time chatting about the merits of cats and iguanas as pets, his disgust at the European thing of having chips with mayonnaise, the cost of cars in America compared to Europe, the relative strengths and weaknesses of various currencies, the college and university systems of the US and UK, the change in UK government and the impending increase in VAT, oh and of course our travels so far and plans ahead, which of course led onto a discussion about poisonous creatures, and how hawaii sounds like a great, non-deadly place to live! So just a few topics of conversation! It was a 1hour30 journey though!

We arrive a Byron, it’s dark and raining and neither of us have a clue where our hostels are. Thank god for free public wifi!! We figure out where we’re going and go our respective ways. Ahh fair-weather friends. So I’m wandering through the dark wet streets attempting to find the nomad hostel, occasionally checking my iPhone map to make sure I was on the right route. After a few missed turns I eventually find it, down a rather dark and dingy side street :-( I’m met by a drunk Canadian guy from Vancouver, beer still in his hand. This was the first sign…

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