Hi, my name is Eleanor and I live in the UK. I am currently training to be a Clinical Psychologist, and in order to give myself some work-life balance I have recently been rediscovering the joys of photography.

Several years ago (nearly a decade actually!) I studied media for A-Level and was very passionate about film making, photography and the wonders of Photoshop. I have always considered myself quite creative, but recently the day job and work load has made pursuing my creative side more difficult.

However, after arranging for my close friend, Charlie Post, to record her first solo EP I decided to borrow her Dad’s DSLR to take some pics during the recording session. It was great to offer some of my own creativity into the whole process, and wonderful that my photography and art work from that recording session (and a further photo shoot) have been the sole artwork used for the EP (Me & Mine).

So after that I decided to save up and buy a DSLR of my very own! I got a Canon 450D for my 25th birthday, and have not put it down since…quite literally! I thought the best way for me to learn would be to use the camera as much as possible, and so I embarked on the much attempted and rarely completed Flickr 365 project (you know who you are!).

To date I have mainly photographed family and friends, including a maternity shoot for yummy mummy Lyndsey and some subsequent shots of her bundle of joy; photography for Charlie Post’s EP Me & Mine; some unofficial wedding pics for Anna and Paul; and a photoshoot for the Warwick Belly Dancing society for their 2010 calendar.

I intend to keep the photography going, and have several exciting photo opportunities coming up (including three weddings of friends and family this year).Currently I’m about half way through my Flickr 365, though have a feeling the next 6 months will be tough. I have my thesis deadline in May so anticipate that there will be many days over the coming months that I do not venture out of the house and will feel very uninspired to find photo-worthy objects at home, other than pages of thesis coming together! So fingers crossed for me, and please check back to see how I’m getting on…

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